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When is the New Jaguar F-type Coming Out?

For years, the Jaguar F-Type has been a favourite among business executives with the model spearheading the UK-based company's business model. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that the once-British brand can't stop tinkering with the design.


Jaguar I-PACE Update Adds Extra Range

Jaguar has upgraded its I-PACE model to introduce free software updates that promise to improve and stabilise battery performance and also increase the range by as much as 12 miles following a full charge. These updates have been made possible after the knowledge gained during the I-PACE eTrophy Race series.


How much will new Jaguar SUV cost?

This SUV has a stunning design that will wow all on the road, and it's priced at a reasonable £36,820.


E-Pace is was Jaguar's first Compact SUV. It's a unique combination of looks, agility and dynamic driving.

In E-PACE every component has been meticulously designed to deliver a refined, tactile experience. The cockpit wraps around the driver, and the SportShift gear selector sits at your fingertips. The stylish infinity rear view mirror has a frameless design.


How Much is a Jaguar Electric Car?

Whether you are looking for the New XE - the most efficient an advanced sports saloon that Jaguar has ever made - or the F-Type, a sports car that quickens the pulse, you’ll find a Jaguar within your budget choice.


How Much Is The F-Pace?

Want to know how much is a Jaguar F Pace because you’re thinking about investing in a high-performance vehicle with luxury combined into one fantastic vehicle?


Jaguar Confirm New Electric XJ to be made at Castle Bromwich with £500m Government Loan

Jaguar Land Rover has received a £500 million government loan to ensure that they are able to build electric cars in the UK.


Jaguar Land Rover to Partner BMW Developing Electric Car Components

As a top UK Jaguar dealer, at Heritage Jaguar we are constantly keeping a check on the latest news in the industry. Recently, it has been announced Jaguar Land Rover and BMW will join together for electric cars. Rather than producing a joint car, these two companies will be creating electric car components for the market for use in all their vehicles.


Why you Should Buy an Approved Used Jaguar F-Type

Today’s automotive market is an international affair. Spend a few minutes by the roadside watching the cars go by and you’ll see vehicles from all over Europe, Asia and even the United States.


Jaguar I-Pace EV Wins World Car Awards 2019

If you want class, then you can’t go far wrong with a Jaguar.


Jaguar I-Pace wins 2019 European Car of the Year

It’s the first time the British manufacturer has won this trophy and signals a major milestone on its eco-friendly driving journey as it sprints towards an exciting new chapter.


How Much is a Jaguar F Type?

The Jaguar F-Type Coupé is still a popular car that sports plenty of engine options and a vast range of different features.

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