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Flagship Jaguar XJ To Be One Of The First Electric Luxury Saloon Cars

Added: 28 April 2020

Silver Jaguar XJ side profile

The news is finally out, and we now all know that the flagship Jaguar XJ will be one of the first electric luxury saloon cars. The next Jaguar XJ will be an all electric luxury saloon with a 300 mile range. The XJ has always been Jaguar's flagship model, but now it is being reinvented as a purely electric car that will be able to rival traditional luxury saloons such as the BMW 7 Series and Mercedes-Benz S-Class - not to mention its electric rivals, including the Tesla Model S. This is an exciting announcement for car aficionados everywhere!

This car has been hotly debated since 2015, but Jaguar only confirmed that they were bringing it to life recently - on the same day that production of the current XJ ended at its Castle Bromwich factory in the Midlands. Jaguar hasn’t been too forthcoming with the specifics, but we can expect the new XJ will have everything Jaguar owners want; an amazing design, smart performance, and luxury. We also know that after a tough few months for the business, confirmation that the next XJ will be made in the UK is said to have safeguarded "several thousand" jobs.


The new XJ model will consist of everything you could possibly want in terms of style and technology. It’s keeping the sleek and sophisticated profile that many are used to, but will have a five door layout rather than a four door set up. This will most likely make the car more practical. The boot will open wider than it would on a saloon, making it ideal for families, business trips, and more.

Elements from this design should be expected to filter down to other models in the range. At the Frankfurt motor show earlier this year, Jaguar showed off the rear of the car, including its slim LED lights, and the Jaguar name spelt out across its boot lid. This model is set to become a memorable launch in Jaguar’s line up, and many are excited for its release.

Power and Range

This new XJ model will have two electric motors - one on each axle. This makes it a four wheel drive. Jaguar will be targeting a 0-60mph sprint time of less than five seconds and a real-world range of around 300 miles - although they have yet to release any more of the juicy details.

What else do we know right now?

Jaguar is intent on bringing their battery and electric motor assembly operations to the Midlands. This creates a hub for the production of its electric vehicle range right in Castle Bromwich. A whole range of electrified cars are expected to follow suit, which will help to secure thousands of jobs.

Even more exciting is that Jaguar Land Rover has revealed plans to offer electric or hybrid versions of every model it sells in the next couple of years. This means that the Jaguar XJ will be the first of many exciting luxury electric vehicles from Jaguar! 

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