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Jaguar XF Facelift Lauching Soon

Added: 08 June 2020

Rear shot of Jaguar XF

For Jaguar car lovers all round the world, this exciting piece of news will be a delight to the ears. As the world moves further forward into the world of electric cars and sustainability, the popular Jaguar XF type is set to undergo a tech make-over from electric I-Pace SUV. Electric cars are paving the way for a greener future, and Jaguar are certainly on board with this. Emitting less greenhouses gasses, electric cars have become a popular choice in recent months. Jaguar has long since safely sat within the luxury car niche for many years, and with Jaguar’s known reliability through technological advancements, it boasts plenty of benefits for any owner now they have taken the plunge to remodel one of their beloved cars, the electric car will mostly prove a popular choice. It is believed this makeover will be seen throughout showrooms in early 2021, although it is likely we will see a sneak peak this year online from official Jaguar sources. 

This year, Jaguar XF makeover will launch with three special new features which include a Touch Pro infotainment system which is an advanced entertainment system, featuring internet access, music and video advancements and information technology which includes phoning systems and bluetooth. L long-wheelbase model, which means a wheelbase that is longer than a vehicle's standard wheelbase option, improving the smoothness of the ride. The Touch Pro Duo touch screens allow the driver and passengers to have control over their entertainment, heating and other features which provide an element of efficient functionality. The air conditioning and heating systems in Jaguars are fitted with an impeccable ventilation function that clears the air of impurities which are another bonus to the Jaguar brand.

The style and format of the car will remain the same, with some subtle styling changes, including minor changes to the front and rear ends. Jaguar hopes to add a little extra elegance to the car with slimmer headlights and reshaped lights complete with LEDs for optimum vision whilst driving; keeping safety at its core. Jaguar steering is renowned for being light and effortless but there are likely to be some optimisations relating to the steering wheel of the new XF. Whether that is design or form, we will soon see. 

The impeccable design of Jaguars have proven track records for safety and productivity. Jaguar’s popular XJ is no longer available to buy as new, as the XF took over the market and has become Jaguar’s largest saloon. The XF also clinches the popularity of the Jaguar XE, BMW 5 Series, Mercedes E Class, Audi A6 and Lexus ES. Pricing of the new model should also remain the same as they are presently, at just over £35,000. The XF makeover is likely to be adapted for the streamline Jaguar XF Sportbrake Estate. An exciting adaption for the much loved XF model. For more information regarding Jaguar cars, our garage in Cheltenham will be happy to provide you with information relating to your Jaguar cars including MOTs and new purchases. 

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