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Jaguar XF isn't far away

Added: 19 May 2020

Grey Jaguar XF side profile

Jaguar XF not far away

We are delighted to hear that it is not going to be long until we see the new Jaguar XF released onto the market. The Jaguar XF is due to arrive later in 2020, and it sports new technology and styling, as the brand aims to knock the BMW 5 Series off the top spot. With that in mind, continue reading to discover everything you need to know about the new Jaguar XF.

What to expect from the Jaguar XF

The updated mid-sized saloon from Jaguar is set to be debuted later in the year, and there have been a number of tweaks that have been made to the car, especially in the technology and styling departments. The heavy cladding around the tail and nose makes it a challenge to pinpoint the revisions that have been made to the exterior of the vehicle. Nevertheless, if the Jaguar XF follows the trend that has been set with the XE saloon’s recent refreshment, then we can expect subtle updates. 

With the new version of the XE saloon, we were only treated to a pair of reshaped bumpers, a fresh radiator grille, new LED lighting graphics, and a pair of slimmer headlamps. We do expect to see more thorough revisions with the Jaguar XF. A massive technology update is almost guaranteed. Each of the most recent models from Jaguar has moved to the new Touch Pro Duo infotainment set-up. This set-up has been implemented in order to replace the rotary knobs and eight-inch touchscreen with a 10.2-inch central screen, as well as another display for climate control functions. The previous touchscreen has been deemed outdated and so it is only right that Jaguar has implemented something more innovative.

We expect to see a customisable digital instrument panel replace the analogue dials of the Jaguar XF, as was the case with the XE Saloon. The ‘Clearsight’ rear-view mirror should also be making an appearance. This is an important feature of the newest Jaguar vehicles because it enables the driver to switch between images that come from the rear-facing camera and a conventional mirror. This enables the driver to have a much broader angle view, which is going to be less impacted by passengers sitting in the rear and adverse weather.

There still have not been a lot of details revealed regarding the powertrain. Nevertheless, it is believed that the engine-line up is going to be similar to the existing model. Those who buy the vehicle are going to be presented with the same options of six- or four-cylinder units, which will range in output from the entry-level diesel 161bhp offering to the flagship V6-engined petrol model, which puts out 296bhp.

So there you have it: everything that you need to know about the new Jaguar XF. Are you excited for this new model from Jaguar to be released onto the market in 2020? We certainly cannot wait to see if the vehicle lives up to the hype; we’re sure it will! 

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