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New Jaguar F-Pace to get Plug-in Hybrid Variant

Added: 14 October 2020

Blue Jaguar F-Pace

Hybrid model cars are increasingly becoming popular. Now Jaguar joins the long list of car manufactures that have a plug-in hybrid vehicle. The Jaguar F-Pace may be the future of the next generation of Jaguar models.

Before you get ahead of yourself, Jaguar’s F-Pace is just an upgrade. There are minimal exterior revamps, but you will see most of the upgrades in the interior along with the plug-in hybrid model. The upgrades include things like thinner LED headlights and tail-lights, novel bumpers, a reprofiled bonnet, a bigger grille along with a diamond mesh design on the grille.

They also gave the F-Pace’s cabin a facelift. Before there were too many hard plastics, there was a limited space to store things, and the infotainment system needed work. Now all of that is updated. You can say goodbye to the hard plastics as it is nowhere to be found in the car. There is a better steering wheel and a headrest fit for a king, adopting the steering wheel look from the Jaguar I-Pace and the headrests from Range Rovers.

Expect to find more room in the centre console for you to hold whatever you need. No matter if you need somewhere to store your loose change or you are searching for a cup holder, the new centre console has room for all of that. The best part is that there is not a manual gearbox, providing you with a lower stowage section, so you have more space to work with.

The car’s upgraded infotainment system includes an 11.4-inch convexed touchscreen that has not been used in any of its other models. You also no longer have to be concerned about going to the dealership every time you need a software update. Their new technological advances allow for over-the-air updates as well as wireless charging and cabin air ionization.

The plug-in hybrid uses up a 2-litre four-cylinder turbo petrol engine and a 141bhp electric motor. With their combined forces they can produce 398nhp and 472lbs ft and can go from zero to 60 miles per hour in five seconds flat. If you ever run out of gas and there is not a close gas station in sight, this next feature is great. This car is great to drive around town because it is claimed to have 33 miles of electric-only driving.

You can take your pick as they offer four mild-hybrid engine options to choose from. There are diesel engines, which fall anywhere between 161bhp 2-litre four-cylinder to a 296bhp six-cylinder. You could also go with Jaguar’s Land Rover’s new straight-six petrol. With a turbocharger paired with an electric supercharger, its range comes in at 396bhp.

Beginning in December, you can expect to see more and more of these models on the streets as deliveries of the revised F-Pace starts in December. The price for this model is also relatively reasonable, with a price point starting out at £40,860 and climbing to £64,490 for the top-of-the-range PHEV.

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