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When is the New Jaguar F-type Coming Out?

Added: 17 February 2020

When is the New Jaguar F-type Coming Out?

For years, the Jaguar F-Type has been a favourite among business executives with the model spearheading the UK-based company's business model. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that the once-British brand can't stop tinkering with the design. With the F-Type, it's all about appearances.

Jaguar recently revealed that it would be releasing an updated F-Type in 2020. The modifications showcased at the end of 2019 were extensive, with changes to both the engine, interior and exterior of the vehicle. Many will be happy that the company has substantially reworked the front end of the car and redone the interior with modern design and upholstery. As for the engine, Jaguar says that it will be offering both four- and eight-cylinder variants.

The choice to update the vehicle is easy to understand. Jaguar currently faces some stiff competition from Porsche - a company that recently released the new and highly competitive 911. If Jaguar wants to compete at that price point, it must go toe-to-toe with the German automaker, producing equally impressive vehicles.

While the original F-Type first hit the market in 2013, the company has provided several updates to vehicles across its range. The XE saloon, for instance, recently underwent a transformation to help keep it fresh and competitive with competition from Audi and BMW. The new-look F-Type is the most significant overhaul of the model since launch and makes Jaguar's intentions clear. The firm is on the warpath and looking to provide all its vehicles with an edgier, more aggressive look.
Some of the additions to the vehicle are interesting. The grill, for instance, is more extensive than before and features a lozenge pattern - something that the company used on its cars back in the 1940s. The somewhat clunky bumper on the previous model is gone, replaced by a sleeker version that better integrates with the rest of the bodywork.

The higher performance of the vehicle has also led Jaguar to make changes to the air intake system. You'll now find two inlets either side of the front wheel arches, designed to provide extra cooling for the car's radiator.

On the exterior, however, the most significant visible change is to the headlights. The old version of the vehicle had high-set, wing-mounted lights which were somewhat reminiscent of the brand's heritage. With the new F-Type, though, that's all changed. It now features long, sweeping lights that make their way around both the front and side panelling, giving the car a more of a GT look.

The finishing touches to the exterior of the vehicle include a new vented clam-shell bonnet and new matte-black, raised Jaguar logo badges.

On the inside, you'll find a range of tech upgrades, including a central infotainment system with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. There's also the ability to make over-the-air software updates which we haven't seen in any of the company's prior F-Type models.

So, in summary, Jaguar has made tremendous strides to keep the F-Type fresh and up to date. We're very excited about seeing this car released later in 2020.

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