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Jaguar Genuine Parts


Genuine Jaguar Parts are designed, tested and manufactured according to our uncompromising standards. Each part is made specifically for your Jaguar to deliver optimum performance and maximise its lifespan.

Brakes | Irresistible Stopping Power

As the original disc brake innovators, Jaguar always design, develop and test their brake pads and discs in the most rigorous conditions to ensure optimal performance, whatever the conditions.

Jaguar’s testing takes them from 50 degrees Celsius in California's Death Valley to sub-zero temperatures in northern Sweden, continually pushing their product effectiveness and stability.


Exhausts | The Perfect Balance Of Power And Refinement

Genuine Jaguar exhausts are made from robust stainless steel to withstand exhaust temperatures of over 700 degrees Celsius. They offer a supreme performance and fuel economy, whilst optimising the acoustic experience of your vehicle.

Oil | The Essential Fluid For Your Jaguar Engine

Our Heritage Jaguar Approved Service Centre will only use the correct specification oil that protects your engine, reduces wear and increases fuel economy. Failure to use oil that meets the required specifications could cause serious engine problems.



Durability: First, there’s a punishing 12-week dynamic corrosion test. Then Genuine Alloy Wheels are analysed for resistance to corrosive fluids, such as brake fluid, fuel and cleaning products. Finally, there’s a relentless 1,000-hour salt spray test. The British winter’s got nothing on us.

Safety: The Pendulum Impact Test simulates kerb strike impacts against each alloy wheel at its weakest and strongest points. This structural behaviour test helps ensure optimal safety and shock absorption, protecting vehicles and passengers alike.

Wheels And Tyres: Exacting Standards To Cope With Any Road Surface

Heritage Jaguar Genuine wheels and tyres are designed specifically to work with the safety systems of your Jaguar, and engineered to deliver geometric and balance standards. Crafted with an aluminium and silicon alloy for optimum strength and durability, each wheel is scrutinised by X-ray to check it's free from even microscopic of cracks.

Wheels And Tyres
Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

With testing at this level, you can have complete confidence in fit, quality, durability and function. And it’s why we can confidently give every Jaguar Genuine Part a 24-month vehicle parts warranty.

First Time Fit

Jaguar Genuine Parts are precisely crafted to fit perfectly onto your Jaguar and perform as only original equipment parts can. When you choose Genuine Parts for your Jaguar, you’re choosing parts crafted from original plans and made with the same tools and equipment that built your Jaguar itself.

First Time Fit

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